Shipping & payment conditions

Delivery is free of charge within Germany with parcel services for a gross order value from 100,00 Euro upwards.

Delivery is free of charge to Austria, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Belgium with parcel services for a gross order value from 150,00 Euro upwards.

Delivery is free of charge in all other above not mentioned countries of the European Community exept to Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary for a gross order value from 200,00 Euro upwards.

The limits for a delivery free of charge are valid for goods with a delivery weight of up to 20kg max. Ordered goods which pass this limit and therefore cannot be delivered by parcel service have to be sent as bulk goods. The cost for bulk good transport to places that are not within Germany cannot be listed as flat rate. The individual costs for bulk goods can be calculated on demand and will be communicated before delivery.

Furthermore following costs for delivery are valid
Zone Country / Region Delivery costs
in € (gross value)
Cash on delivery
in € (gross)
Limit delivery free of charge
in € (gross order value)
Parcel service (<20 kg)
01 Germany 6,13 8,00 100,00
02 Austria 13,00 10,00 n.a.*
  France 13,00 n.a.* n.a.*
  Great Britain 13,00 n.a.* n.a.*
  Denmark 13,00 n.a.* n.a.*
  Luxembourg 13,00 n.a.* n.a.*
  Netherlands 13,00 n.a.* n.a.*
  Belgium 13,00 n.a.* n.a.*
03 Other EU-countries
(except Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary)
15,90 n.a.* n.a.*
04 Switzerland 20,80 n.a.* n.a.*
05 Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Island, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary 30,00 n.a.* n.a.*
On demand (>20 kg)
07 Germany 95,00 10,00 n.a.*

*n.a. = not applicable