Checkme Lite

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Checkme Lite Health Monitor is an innovative devicewhich integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-free and cable measurement of ECG and SpO2. The Daily Check funktion just takes 20 seconds.

With color touch screen, well organized user interface and audio instructions, Checkme Lite is very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to portability and usability, Checkme Lite enables you to check your health at anytime anywhere. 

Function overview

Your Benefits
  • Knowing your health with just one step and 20 seconds
  • Earlier detection of abnormal smptom for earlier prevention
  • Capture irregular ECG rhythm, more information for better medical decision
  • Reduced hospital stay or hospital visit frequency, save cost and time
Check your health anytime anywhere
  • Just one step and 20 seconds to know your health
  • No cable required
  • ECG, heart rate, QRS duration, SpO2, pulse rate and pulse indey are measured simultaneously
  • Full disclosure ECG waveforms can be saved and replayed
Keep track of heart rhythm
  • Instantly check, capture and identiy abnoral ECG
  • Supports both cable and cable-free ECG measurement
  • 500 Hz. sampling rate and wide bandwidth enables you to capture all details of your ECG waveform. 
  • 30/60/90s of full disclosure waveform can be replayed
  • Professional ECG algorithm is able to provide not only Heart Rate, but also QRS duration, ST segment and rhythm analysis
Keep track of blood oxygenation
  • Instantly check blood oxygenation at anytime anywhere
  • Simply inserting one finger, built-in SpO2 sensor helps to check your SpO2 with only 20 seconds
  • Professional SpO2 measurement with external SpO2 sensor
  • SpO2, pulse rate and perfusion index are available
  • All-in-one, versatile
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Instant check with only 20 seconds
  • Supports both cable and cable-free operation
  • Touch screen and audio prompts, easy to use
  • Clinical approved accuracy, professional
  • High quality ECG waveform can be saved and replay