SUDORmed 1200

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Application with direct current or pulsed current in one system against hyperhidrosis (excessive sweeting)
By the tap water iontophoresis a gentle harmless current is leaded through the affected areas of the body such as hands, feet and axles. After approximately, 1 – 2 weeks of daily application the „excessive sweating“ can be significantly reduced or completely removed.

Product characteristices of SUDORmed 1200
  • High quality, easy and safe to use Iontophoresis-System with a comprehensive basic equipment:
    Control unit with 4 accumulators, charging device, 2 large flexible electrodes 135 x 200 mm, 1 connection cable, 1 plastic case consisting of 2 separable trays.

  • Device optional to use with an especially effective direct current or with the more pleasant pulsed current.

  • The large electrodes 135 x 200 mm are out of plastic on the front side and out of carbon on the back side. Carbon is softer than aluminium and much more comfortable to the skin surface.

  • Therapy memory to determine the accumulative duration of the therapy.

  • High safety due to limitation of the maximum therapy current.

  • Protection against unpleasant electric shocks from a diving monitoring.

  • High comfort by a large display with indicator of the mode of current, intensity and treatment duration.

  • Small, handy system easily usable at any time even on the road.

  • Art. No.: 30035, EAN-Nr.: 4038962300353
Accessories of SUDORmed 1200
  • Electrode-set, Art.No.: 35004, 55 x 85 mm with sponge cases for application under the axles or for drug-iontophoresis.

  • Axles electrode-set, Art.Nr.: 35009 for application under the axles.

Technical data
  • Dimension of the control unit (H x W x D)
130 x 72 x 30 mm
  • Weight of the control unit
265 g
  • Weight of the unit
Approx. 1,3 kg
  • Direct current
0 - 30 volt adjustable in steps of 1 volt
  • pulsed current
0 - 60 volt adjustable in steps of 1 volt
  • AC/DC Adapter
Input: AC 110-240 V 50/60 Hz., Output: 7,5 volt