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Improvement of the collagen level with the VITALITY collagen for a successful anti-aging-effect
The light therapy box VITALITY Collagen was designed to improve the collagen level of the connective tissue and to tighten and strengthen the skin.

The decreasing collagen level with the beginning of the age of 25 leads to an accelerated skin aging with wrinkles, loosing skin and an uneven skin tone. Collagen fibers belong to the most common components of the connective tissue.

The collagen light therapy box uses special wavelengths which achieve exactly the skin layers in which the connective tissue fibers are produced. The body’s own collagen production can be stimulated and the collagen level can be increased. Wrinkles and fine lines can be refilled. Pores can be refined, the metabolism can be activated and the whole skin can be improved. The connective tissue can be tightened considerably and the elasticity of the skin can be increased significantly.

With the vitality Collagen an inexpensive and gentle anti-aging application can be realised with a high success rate.

Features of the VITALITY collagen

  • High quality light therapy device with a modern design.

  • For the Anti-Aging-application to improve the collagen level, to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. The skin elasticity can be increased.

  • The application duration is approx. 30 minutes daily until the desired effect occures. The distance to the unit is approx. 25 cm.

  • Maintenance-free, safe and easy to use light therapy device with low energy consumption.

  • Small, light weight device also suitable for mobile applications.

  • Folding tripold for an excellent and safe stability.

  • Bright very pleasant, red, flickerfree light, almost without side effects and harmless for skin and eyes, because there are no UV- and Infrared- parts in the light.

  • The light therapy device is an approved medical product according to European Directive 93/42/EWG, EN 60601-1-2, EN 60601-1.

Technical data


45 watts


One red fluorescent lamp

Light spectrum:

Red: 633 nm

Average lifetime of the lamp:

Approx. 1.000 hours


0,8 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD):

27 x 21 x 8 cm

Mains requirements:

220 - 240 V~ , 50 - 60 Hz

Art.No., EAN-No.:

20450, 4038962204507